Sunday, June 14, 2020

Post coronavirus, the emergent marketing and sales bridge

While we’re in a new situation with infinite unknowns, we can be assured that the need to get our customers back is paramount.

Customers mean cash and gives us the ability to grow again. So, what exactly does that mean and how do we set-up for the open up? The solution, like the ant bridge image above, is to focus on emergent marketing and sales opportunities to create an agile organization.

There are 3 areas of highest importance:
  1. What are we, the company and people, capable of doing today and in the near future? How are we constrained?
  2. Who are our customers (same/different) and how have their expectations changed do to the coronavirus, social distancing, and work from home (WFH)?
  3. How can we install agility and flexibility into our business since we know things will continue to change fast?

Next, consider your “frame of reference” in the context of business capabilities and customer expectations.
  • The business needs radical changes due to factors such as cash on hand, burn rate, inventory, supply chain, HR activation, etc.
  • The business will spool up and it will be business as usual; e.g., hair salons and cleaning services get back to their regular work with little change, while manufacturers refill the pipeline.
  • Customer expectations will have changed dramatically and will require new brand messaging and expanded operations such as omnichannel sales and services.
  • Customer expectations remain the same; shelter in place is not linked to your business value as customers perceive it so just execute well.

This yields 4 possible scenarios:

In addition to customer expectations and the company capabilities to deliver, there are three strong influencing characteristics:
  • Competition, both direct and indirect. Have customers substituted other products/services that will continue to satisfy; for example baking bread or returning to hobbies like sewing and gardening rather than buying it.
  • Socio-economic changes, including huge unemployment, the potential resurgence of coronavirus illness, and subtle impacts from social distancing.
  • New primary/secondary customer segments based upon desires for safety, comfort and price.

When you put this all together, we return to a strategic focus on emergent marketing and sales competencies, activities, and opportunities.

How can we build a framework or model which gives visibility to these many variables and allows us to rapidly change assumptions to forecast different outcomes? The practice of Business Architecture fulfills this objective.

How can we design a system to elevate the benefits and value of new and existing products/services to fulfill multiple sectors of customer expectations and exceed competitive actions? Design Thinking provides a process for development.

What emerges when the many parts interact in a wider whole, internally and externally? Organizational Structure offers a lens through which individuals can see their organization and their role.

At Thematix, we provide senior level business services including business architecture plans and models, innovation strategies using in place or to-be-developed capabilities, and marketing and sales programs.

We are an emergent catalyst and can help you shape or reshape your company to succeed in this new environment. Our perspective will give you insights into how things can fit together in new, valuable ways.

We are standing by and would welcome a conversation with you and your team about your upcoming challenges.

The time is now to get ahead of the reopening of America by remodeling your business.

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Post coronavirus, the emergent marketing and sales bridge

While we’re in a new situation with infinite unknowns, we can be assured that the need to get our customers back is paramount. Cust...