Monday, October 21, 2019

Retail at Speed: The value of a Retail Ontology

Driven by new customer expectations, advanced technology and real time connected devices, the retail industry is rapidly transforming. 

Managing and moving data is critical, and an ontology is the way to clearly define the concepts, relationships and properties of all data as it moves between new and old systems. Retail ontology standards will ensure interoperability, reduce time to value, and provide the foundation to continued transformations. 

What’s more, in practice this enables the enterprise, from a store manager or corporate merchandiser to an IT developer or engineer, to create terminology and share a common understanding with the certainty of words, terminology, and concepts.

Join us online on 

Tuesday October 29
12noon EDT/9:00am PDT
The webinar is free but you need to register here.

Introduction by Meg Duncan, OMG
Moderator: Larry Smith, Thematix
Presentation and Conversation with 
- John Glaubitz, Vertex, Inc.
- Elisa Kendall, Thematix

The Agenda for presentation and discussion will last about 40 minutes with 20 minutes for questions.
- The purpose and value of the OMG Retail Ontology
- Fiscal Compliance Ontology example
- Brick and Mortar vs. Modern Retail terminology and concepts
- How to benefit in your enterprise, both retailer, vendor, or supplier
- Q&A

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