Saturday, July 6, 2019

Retail at speed.

Consumers are more demanding than ever while traditional and new online competitors are moving in on all fronts. It’s time to move faster and accelerate your time to value.

Benefits like purchase and returns online or in-store, free overnight or 2-day delivery, personalized service plus numerous technologies like mobile loyalty apps, alternative payment systems (Apple/Google/bitcoin), DTC subscription services, chatbots, and robotics have become commonplace, and expected.

By using the framework of Business Architecture, plus the data, process and message models from the OMG Retail Task Force (formerly NRF ARTSThematix will help you to accelerate the software, hardware, systems development and engineering to fulfill your business requirements.

  1. Business Architecture enables you to link your strategy to new and existing capabilities. By understanding how you create and deliver value to customers will allow you the retailer to move faster, with more precision and accountability.
  2. OMG Retail Standards include a 20 year collection of best practice models and standards. Created by Retailers and Vendors, you can avoid reinventing the wheel and apply existing models to your situation.

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